Peanut Butter & Berries Cake

Low fat Peanut Butter Cake



Soft, moist and deliciously sweet. This cake is perfect for any special occasion. Whether it´s your kid´s birthday or a family dinner, this is a crowd-pleasing dessert. Both, kids and adults will love it!



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Everyday Gravy

oil-free  vegan gravy


This has been my go-to gravy lately. It´s creamy, savory, and so rich in flavor that you will want to put it on everything, from potatoes to veggies or even pasta. It´s oil-free, low in fat, gluten-free and can be made nut-free.


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Whole Grain Vegan Fluffy Pancakes

vegan fluffy pancakes


We have a pancake situation over here. Fat, fluffy and 100% delicious pancakes.


I remember when I used to go to a certain fast food restaurant (many years ago) and ate this super thick and fluffy pancakes for dessert. I´ve tried to make a low-fat version of such thick pancakes a few times and I almost gave up. I seriously though I would never pull that off. But oh man...I was wrong.


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Crispy French Fries

Oil-Free French Fries


Fries as a main dish? This lifestyle couldn´t get any better.


Today I want to show you how to make delicious, crispy and oil-free French fries. There are plenty of oil-free, baked potatoes recipes but somehow I was not happy with the texture (kind of rubbery and not crispy enough). One lazy day, I decided to make them using store-bought, pre-boiled potatoes and somehow, the texture was so much better! So I though maybe that was the secret. I decided to give it a try and the next day I boiled my potatoes before baking them and I also decided to toss them with some brown rice flour, which might help out with the “crisp factor”.


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Creamy Walnut Dressing

oil-free walnut dressing



Salad dressing are a must for most people. We often feel lazy when we think about preparing a salad dressing but let me tell you that it is 100% worth it. This creamy walnut dressing is not only fast to prepare but also ridiculously easy. Blend all the ingredients together and you are ready to go.


You will love its delicious nutty flavor and lovely creaminess.


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Tahini & Yogurt Sauce

tahini & yogurt sauce



Sometimes we need a deliciously creamy sauce for our potatoes or veggies and we need it NOW. So here you have. Tahini and yogurt sauce coming to the rescue.


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Sweet Potato & Walnut Muffins

vegan sweet potato muffins



Hey guys, I´m back!


I´m sorry for not posting for more than 1 week but I went to Valencia and spending time with my friends and family was a must! AND…it was Fallas! So let´s say that it was a crazy and AMAZING week at the same time. By the way, if you have never been in Valencia during Fallas…what are you waiting for?


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Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies


Chocolate chip cookies.




That´s it. Go make them. Have a nice day guys!


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One Pot Quinoa & Veggies


Quick post today!


I often forget how delicious quinoa is. I definitely want and WILL post more recipes using quinoa. It´s not only delicious but also a very nutrient dense food! And one more thing: it cooks VERY fast. So it´s great for those days when you want a very nutritious and filling meal but you don´t feel like spending too much time in the kitchen. Add all the ingredients to a pan, bring to a light boil, then cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Easy done!


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Mac & Cheese with Nut Parmesan

vegan mac&cheese with vegan nut parmesan



WOW. Hello there.


Have you been missing cheesy, creamy, savory pasta? Do you want to avoid margarines and oil-based vegan cheeses? Then this is your recipe!

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Best Cheeseless Quesadillas

best cheeseless quesadillas



Hello people and welcome to quesadilla paradise. I should make myself a t-shirt with the slogan “Powered by Quesadillas” because I´ve been eating these quesadillas pretty much every day for the last 10 days. True story.


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Sun Dried Tomato, Kale & Tahini Pasta


Are you in the mood for a creamy, comforting and super satisfying dish of pasta? No problem, I got you covered.


Last weekend I was craving a big bowl of pasta and I wanted something different. I´ve been wanting to use sun-dried tomatoes in a recipe for the past few weeks and the thought of pasta with a creamy sauce and sun-dried tomatoes was mouthwatering. I also had some kale in the fridge that was screaming "use me! I´m getting old!". So be it. Because throwing away food...not good.


I think I could easily say that this is my favourite pasta sauce at the moment. It´s creamy, thick, savory, garlicky and mmmm....just MMMM...


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Peanut & Red Thai Curry


Well, well, well. It´s here guys! My crazy affair with Thai food finally makes an appearance on my blog. And I couldn´t be more proud of this recipe. Believe me when I say every mouthful is like a trip to Thailand heaven.


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Carrot and Lemon Cake



Finally weekend my friends! (I know it´s sunday, but I actually wrote the post on friday!).  I´ve had a lot of work this week and I am exhausted. For some people the weekend equals rest. Not for me. It´s actually on the weekend when I do most of the work for my website. During the week I get up at 5:45h and I have a full-time job so when I come home I only have time to clean up a little bit, prepare dinner, do a short workout, study for my master and, twice a week, hit the "post" botton on my blog.

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Oat & Walnut Crunchy Granola



Because I´m a porridge fan, this was meant to happen. When you eat porridge every single day (well…almost every single day) you start getting creative. Not because I don´t enjoy a simple porridge but because I like it so much that I want to try all the possible combinations in the world. I know, that sounds a little bit ambitious… But hey, I can dream, right?


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Veggie Burger with Cashew Mayo



Seriously guys, I have no idea why it took me so long to post this recipe. It tastes delicious, it´s pretty easy to put together and it is 100% boyfriend-approved. Actually, the last time we had a veggie burger in a restaurant, he said: “your burgers are so much better”. So I guess that says it all ;)


And last but not least... what´s a vegan blog without a vegan burger?


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Pea Soup



It´s finally snow time! And what does that mean? Getting cosy in the morning, driving to the mountains and playing in the snow like there was no tomorrow. Seriously, that was so much fun. Let´s be honest, we are not kids anymore... but take me to the snow and I become one in a matter of seconds. And I most probably will end up wet from head to toes.



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Everyday Buddha Bowl


This was my very first Buddha Bowl and I fell in love right away. It´s like if all the ingredients were meant to complement each other. And what´s the result? PURE deliciousness.

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Paella de Verduras







And... oil-free.


Can I hear an applause please? Oh yeah...I hear you my McDougall Friends! :)


Today I am BEYOND excited to share this recipe with you. And not only because I myself love this dish, but also because when I posted the picture on the McDougall´s Friends - Facebook Group, I honestly didn´t expect such an amazing response. So as I promised, here is the recipe and all the steps to make a delicious vegetarian and heart-healthy Paella. Oh! And I made a video to show you how to do it!


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Sunday Power Pancakes



Hello pancakes and welcome to my life again!


I haven´t had pancakes for a while since I´ve been really into porridge. Seems that I almost forgot how much I LOVE them. But then you come up with such an epic recipe as this one and your love for them kind of jumps to the next level.



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White Beans & Rice Soup



It´s crazy how much a crave warm food during the colder months. When it´s freezing outside and I come home after a long working day, I can only think about one thing.


Hot, comforting and delicious … SOUP.


However sometimes you might think that just a soup is not enough or that it just takes wayyy to much effort.





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Skinny Hummus



So it´s hummus time again. Because you know...what is life without hummus?



Having hummus in your fridge is simply a must. It is life saving in those days when you either don´t have time to cook or you just don´t feel like it. My new favourite: toast some hearty dark bread, spread hummus on top, add some dried tomates, freshly chopped scallions, sriracha for some heat and...voilà! You have a delicious, satifying and healthy meal. And being honest, I could eat that every day, all day and I would be happy. And then there is that moment you realize that you are writing about a certain food while gorging on it at the same time...story of my life. Gosh, I love hummus.



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Sweet Mustard Dressing



Another simple yet very delicious dressing. We take the sweet balsamic dressing from last week and we give it a nice twist by adding mustard. If you are a mustard fan like me, then you are gonna love this dressing. And the best part is that this dressing not only tastes good on salad but it fits very well with potatoes too.

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Apple & Cinnamon Muffins

I have very good news for you. I FINALLY came up with a great muffin recipe. It was hard, but... it´s here!


Baking sweet treats without fat and without oil can be pretty difficult. It took me 5 tries until I was satisfied with the result. I must say that all of them tasted wonderful, but the texture was always too soft and chewy. What I wanted was moist and slightly fluffy muffins. And I finally mastered the recipe.

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Sweet Balsamic Dressing


 I used to buy a balsamic cream that was insanely expensive. When my dad came to visit me he tried it and he totally fell in love with this dressing. He bought 5 or 6 jars to take them to Spain with him. Once he finished them, he begged me to bring him more bottles next time I would visit him. At around 4 euros the bottle of 350ml it kind of hurts… So I decided to make it myself (yeah, I´m also wondering why I didn´t though about that earlier…). I mean, it´s was just 2 ingredients: balsamic vinegar and grape syrup…it couldn´t be that hard. Since grape syrup is quite pricey I decided to go for sugar beets syrup since that one is way cheaper. Next; I had to decide the ratio…I will just go for ½ balsamic vinegar and 1/2 syrup. And done. It tastes just like the store-bought one but for like ¼ of the price. It´s a win win!



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Chunky Blueberry Jam



Do you know someone who doesn´t like jam? I don´t. I mean, everybody loves peanut butter-jam sandwiches and pancakes topped with jam and toast with jam… almost anything slathered with jam simply tastes amazingly delicious. That´s why this weekend I was wondering how come I haven´t shared a homemade jam with you yet. But don´t worry, this mistake is about to come to an end.


Most jams contain tons of white sugar which you don´t wanna be eating on a daily basis and others are full of artificial sweeteners which you probably want to avoid too (I certainly do).


That being said, let´s find an alternative. What about a homemade, healthy and easy-to-make recipe?



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Pumpkin Soup



This November didn´t feel as cold as in the last couple of years. This made me think that I finally got used to the German winter and I gave myself a well deserved pat on the back. Well done Sonia, you are half German now.


You little naive thing.


Welcome to winter.


 This weekend the temperatures went down and it got very cold. Like ... SERIOUSLY COLD.  (Now I can hear my boyfriend saying: " are always over-exaggerating! " ... I think he often forgets that I´m spanish...)



This is that time of the year when I struggle if I have to wait more than 5 minutes for the train. That time when getting out of the house without a scarf, gloves and a cap basically means you are spartan-strong. Or very forgetful, which you will regret when the freezing air hits your ears. Those days when the only thing you want is staying inside your warm nest, under a fluffy blanket on your cozy sofa and watching a movie. With a SOUP. Always soup.


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Miso Gravy



Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner and most tables will be overflowing with turkeys, buttery mashed potatoes, oily vegetables and...gravy. Most people might think “ohhh excellent!” …yeah, excellent to clog your arteries. If you are not in our plantbased team you might be thinking…”omg Sonia, you´re such a health-freak”…I know. And I´m ok with that, so no hard feelings ;)


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Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies



It is fall people...and you know what that means?




Pumpkin here, pumpkin there, pumpkin everywhere.


It´s that time of the year again when most food bloggers are testing new pumpkin recipes. If you are on Pinterest you know it because your News Feeds section is like a pumpkin party. The saying “if you can´t beat them, join them” is about admitting defeat, when you realize that you are not able to stop something. So bring it on. Pumpkin it is!


Let me tell you something. I can cut open a pumpkin, bake it and then eat it plain with a spoon. And if you happen to come in the kitchen in that moment, it will look like you just catched me eating chocolate or cake. I know, I´m weird. I like plain, boring food. I really do. But since most people don´t, I realized I had to come up with a good recipe. And then THIS happened.


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Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus



Today we are talking about hummus…oh yes…I mean, who doesn´t love hummus? It´s not only tasty but also so versatile! You can use it as a spread, as a dip, as pasta sauce, as a dressing…wait a second… as pasta sauce? … as a dressing? Yes! As Dreena Burton says, “hummus should be a food group”, and I could not agree more.



I´ll be sharing some hummus-dressing and hummus-pasta sauce recipes with you soon, so don´t worry!


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