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30.11.2017 / By Sonia Raga / Published in SUCCESS STORIES

Haizea┬┤s weightloss

I have had problems with food since I can remember. I’m only 27, but in my life I’ve been overweight about 4 times. My weight has fluctuated from 54 kilos to more than 90 (I avoided weighing in myself when I was at my highest). After going vegan I lost 30kg but that did not solve my problems.I had always suffered from an eating disorder and now, on top of that, I added a body dysmorphic disorder. My real problem was not the weight itself, but my relationship with food and how it affected my life. I found out about this way of eating (whole-foods, high-carbohydrate and low-fat diet) by accident and it’s been a year now. Two months into it I was off my psychological treatments and my life stopped was no longer centered around food. This lyfestyle helped me to heal both, inside and outside, to find myself and to be who I wanted to be in life. It taught me that I own my life and, above all, that I am strong, that nothing is impossible. In addition, I am diagnosed with a start of rheumatoid arthritis and by eliminating the foods that caused the inflammation, as directed by Dr. McDougall, my symptoms were highly reduced within a week and they only come back if I eat any of those foods. This way of eating heals, I’m sure. My current goal is to cure my arthritis and live my life to the fullest. Thank you Dr. McDougall and thanks to those who helped me find his way of eating, I have been reborn.

Haizea┬┤s instagram account: @om.shanti.h

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