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30.11.2017 / By Sonia Raga / Published in SUCCESS STORIES

Lauri BennettĀ“s weightloss |

My name is Laura and I would like to tell you how I lost weight without dieting and while eating everything I want.

Since I was little I had a very bad relationship with food. I fulfilled my emotional needs with large amounts of high calorie-dense food. We have never eaten “junk food” in my house but we loved to eat, specially fatty things like cheese, which was my favorite food in the world. Over time, these habits made me overweight and later on I became obese.
It was like a vicious cycle: I ate too much, I felt bad, I did not feel like doing anything, I did not exercise, that made me gain more weight, I felt even worse so I ate more to ā€œnumbā€ my emotions and so on. For many years, I had to deal with bulling and all the other problems that obese people have to deal with.

The pressure and the desire to improve my life led me to want to change and lose weight. But instead of doing it the right way, I started to try different diets, each one worse than the one before: hypocaloric, high protein, dissociated, etc. All of them low in calories and of course low in carbohydrates. I lost a lot of weight by going from eating a lot to not eating practically anything. Obviously, you can lose kilos very fast doing it that way.

But over time, it was impossible for me to sustain those diets. Anxiety kicked in and I started binging which made me gain a lot of weight again. For several years, I was losing and gaining weight and my self-esteem was barely existent. I believed I was unable to follow any diet and that I had no willpower. Low-calorie diets had had an impact on both, my health and self-esteem.

When I happened to find videos about this way of eating (high in carbohydrates and low in fat) I could not believe it was possible. I was quite scared of gaining more weight than I already had, my metabolism was badly damaged after so many diets, and I became very fat. Reading The Starch Solution by Dr.John McDougall finally convinced me and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.


Lauri BennettĀ“s weightloss |

Not only have I lost a lot of weight but I have gained in health, energy, vitality and self-esteem. And I finally said goodbye to
the too much eating, yo-yo dieting, lack of energy and anxiety.
I’ve been eating like this for almost 2 years. My self-steem is higher than ever, not because of my weight-loss but because now I know that I am taking care of myself, eating the best way I can, getting lots of energy from the right foods, without harming any animal and enjoying incredible flavors every day.

Lauri BennettĀ“s weightloss |

Hopefully everyone with obesity will get to know this way of eating before going through any other horrible diet. It is very easy to lose weight by following a mostly whole foods, high carbohydrate and low-fat diet.

You can check my instagram account to see the dishes that I usually eat and if you have any questions you are welcome to contact me.

If you are thinking about trying this lifestyle, honestly, just go for it!


Lauri Bennett


LauriĀ“s instagram: @lauri_bennett

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