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30.11.2016 / By Sonia Raga / Published in LIFESTYLE

Porrdige with berries


A bit late but here I am with another What I ate today. Let´s start with breakfast!

Yes, you guessed it. Porridge again. But what can I say? It´s my favorite food in the world. This might change one day but until then, please just bear with me and my sweet addiction. Today was made with rice flakes, water, mashed banana and almond milk. Topped it with berries and chocolate syrup which is basically cacao powder mixed with almond milk and molasses.


Arepas with beans and salad


Arepas with beans and salad


Lunch was beans with tomatoes, cornsalad, sprouts and…arepas! These are so easy to make! You just have to mis  corn flour, water and a pinch of salt.  I like to make them thin even though these are supposed to be thick (to be able to cut them open and add some filling).


Baked Bananas


Let me tell you a secret. Baked bananas are the best treat in the world. And it´s probably the healthiest treat! Just cut them in half, chopped them and bake them for 12 minutes at 180ºC. Add some cinnamon and enjoy, it´s like candy!


Buddha Bowl


Buddha Bowl


Dinner was like plant-perfection. Rice, beans and kale. I eat this like…5 nights a week  😀

I chop the kale and massage it with sweet mustard (just mix mustard with balsamic vinegar and maple syrup). Then bake it for 15-20 minutes at 170ºC, stirring a couple of times along the process, being careful that it doesn´t burn. It´s so crunchy!

I also warmed up some leftover rice and added a few tablespoons of my everyday gravy and almond milk. Then I cooked it while stirring until it became nice and creamy.

I added some canned beans and spicy sauce.

Simple, healthy and delicious. Just how I like it!



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