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18.11.2016 / By Sonia Raga / Published in LIFESTYLE

Porridge with oat cereal


So here we come with What I ate today number 2. Please, don´t lick the screen! 🙂

Breakfast was porridge with rice flakes, cooked in water and frozen blueberries. Once it´s cooked, I add a splash of plant-based milk and it´s ready for serving. And look at that color! Isn´t it beautiful? I´m in love!

I topped it with whole wheat flakes, strawberries, PB2 and molasses. What can I say? Perfection!


Rice, salad and tomatoes on toast


Lunch was super simple but filling. I hadn´t had anything since breakfast and it got pretty late, so I was starving!  I simply added some rice in the Instant Pot and while it cooked, I prepared some salad and chopped tomatoes on toast. I finished it adding a drizzle of homemade sweet mustard dressing.


Chocolate Banana Ice Cream with PB2


Chocolate Banana Ice Cream with PB2


Sonia…¿are you kidding me? This CAN´T be healthy!

Trust me, it IS healthy and it is insanely delicious. AND it´s so easy to make: the pancakes are just rolled oats, banana and  almond milk (you can find the recipe here). And the ice cream is frozen bananas blended with some cacao powder. I drizzled it with molasses and PB2, which is a peanut powder with 85% less fat than regular peanut butter. I don´t usually have pancakes as a snack but today I was feeling like having something fancy 🙂 If you still don´t know how to make banana ice cream, you can find the recipe here.


Oil-Free Fries with Brussels Sprouts and Hummus


And finally dinner. Oil-free crispy fries, Brussels sprouts and hummus (made with kidney beans instead of chickpeas). I made the Brussels sprouts following the same exacts steps as for the fries.

And that was it for today, I hope you enjoyed it!!




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